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Minimized ProtoSS, ~1kb in gzip transfer, (Polymorphism, Prototypes, OOP)

Features on top of regular prototyping: super, superize, setSuper, setSubclass, getSupers, getSupers2, getReversedSupers, superList, superList2, getThis, getSuper, callSuper, callSuper2, callSuperX, callProto, callProto2, callProtoX, hasSuper, is, getNextSuper, getNextSuperX, abstract, implement, interface, final, statis, getSuperName, getSuperName2, namespace, usens, internal, package, rndstr

Examples included: a) Example with function overloads and 2 super classes. Usage of properties and methods. [v1.05]
b) Game Example with Builders, Buildings, Upgrades, Units. [v1.05]
c) Extended Prototypes framework with abstract, interface, implement, final. [v1.05]
d) Extended Prototypes framework with getSuperName, namespace, usens, internal, package. [v1.05]

Published: 2017

Documentation & Source

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